Building a barn or other rural structure?       Don't know where to start? 

                                     Looking for a builder you can trust?  

          Need someone that can communicate with you?       Need expert guidance?

  Look no further for the perfect barn builder in North GA


Why Byron Hutson ?

While every builder worth his salt can claim to have the expertise, integrety and innovation needed to build you the perfect structure for your property, very few can back up their claim with 40 years worth of satisfied customers.

Byron Hutson, aka "The Barn Builder", is the kind of builder who will more than meet your expectations in every area of the building process. Rural structures, especially barns, are his specialty and it's obvious that is where his heart is. Working with natural elements, topography and materials is both challenging and extremely satisfying to him and he has a way of bringing out the best with what he has to work with.

In addition to new construction, one of Byron's unique talents lies with his innovative ideas for make-overs of existing dwellings. Rebuilding or remodeling country homes gets his creative juices flowing and the results are spectacular.

Want Experience ?

Byron ran his own residential framing crews from 1970 to 1974. In 1974 he joined the family home building business of Hutson Homes and has been building ever since. His achievements include single family homes ranging from cedar contemporary starter homes to full scale elegant executive homes, multi-family units, commercial low rise buildings, event facilities, extensive remodling projects and all types of rural structures.

Want References ?

Byron can provide a multitude of satisfied customers in any realm of the building sphere. In the past 40 years, he has never had a complaint filed against him, been sued for shoddy workmanship, been accused of not delivering what he promised, had liens or judgements against him or been accused of not being totally honest and forthcoming when any difficulties may have arisen.

Want Direction or Advice ?

Byron's knowledge of wood construction is extensive and he can help you make critical decisions regarding the style you want, the features you may need, the placement of the structure, which items to include or particulars you can do without, working within a set budget or any other factor that you are unsure of. The final result is a structure that is absolutely perfect for its intended use and looks like it was designed especially for your setting.